What this Blog is All About

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Ever since I started writing articles, friends, family, colleagues, and even my wife have told me, “I’d love to read your articles but not even sure which magazines you write for,” or, “darn, I don’t get that magazine,” or even “I live in Alaska.” No excuse now Uncle Mark:) Finally it was recommended that I post them somewhere online and here they are, delivered as promised. Most are here already, but some are missing. Soon, they will all be posted here. Each week I will release my newly published articles or some of my “classics” from previous months or years. I’ll also include my travels and adventures from time to time, so stay tuned.

The other key part of this website is to update you on the novel that I’m writing. Two to three years ago (amazing how things blend together over the years, isn’t it), I started writing Forever Changed. Now, I’m getting close to putting on the finishing touches. The caveat here is that when I say close, I still expect it to take awhile, maybe even a year. There is more to the process than I ever expected and a whole lot less time than I thought when I began with a career, raising three boys, and trying to just enjoy life with my wife whenever we get the chance.  At this point I’ve written 178 pages and 85,000 words. 35 chapters are completed and the other 10 chapters have been developed, but not yet written. The chapters that are finished are currently being critiqued and edited. And I can tell you, Elizabeth, the editor is very thorough and creative. Her ideas will definitely make the book a better read.

Meeting with publishers is another big step. At this point I’ve spoke with two and plan to meet with at least two more. Contrary to what many believe (and I had hoped:), they don’t write you a big check just because you write a book. Ironically, it is the exact opposite with self-publishing. Those large checks are reserved for a select few authors. Perhaps, one day with your support.

The last key is promotion. How do I tell the world about the book? This blog is one way and the reason you’ll see messages about Forever Changed from time to time. Posting on other blogs is another great way and I’ll be doing that over the next year. Working with the eventual publisher it will eventually be found on Amazon and other online retailers as well. Down the road –  visiting libraries, bookstores, mailing out the book to larger publishers, who knows? Any and all ideas are welcome! For the initial launch, I’ll most likely be using a Kickstarter campaign. More to come on that…

That is where the book is at right now. I promise not to bore you with all those details in the future:) Instead, from this point forward I’ll be periodically introducing characters, plot lines, and providing interesting tidbits, all while keeping you updated on the progess.

Thanks for your support in getting Forever Changed published. And a big thank-you to those that have already pre-ordered.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, join the 27 other amazing supporters that have already committed.

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