Forever Changed – The Roots

When I returned from Afghanistan, like many, I was lost. I was searching for answers. Oftentimes, I’d disappear for hours, lost in my own world, trying to make sense of everything.  I’m sure my family noticed the absence, along with my friends, and those that I served with. To many, I’m sure I seemed different. The truth is that I was and still am. I, like others, were Forever Changed by the wars.

What I was doing during these long absences, was going through every detail in my head, analyzing every horrible thing that happened. I’d get lost in it, trying to find a way I could have prevented it from happening. Looking back over my life, I wondered how I got in that position in the first place. How we as a country got in that position? Not only did I question our role in Iraq and Afghanistan, I questioned my purpose in life. What was it all for? And what was I going to do now that it was over?

One day I decided to stop analyzing and start writing. Forever Changed is that journey. It’s not just parts of my life and my journey, but the stories of so many others that served. I wanted to put myself in their shoes, if only for a moment. That perspective didn’t answer all my questions, but offered some clarity. It definitely helped. It was the perfect therapy. Forever Changed is an answer to some of those difficult questions I had while also exploring the historical aspects of the conflict in Afghanistan, the causes and effects of PTSD, what it was like growing up in Afghanistan, and so many other themes. It’s also a great story about love and adventure.

I hope you enjoy.

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