Tomajcik Custom Woodworking

Tomajcik Custom Woodworking
Passion for carpentry was developed early

By: Jim Servi


John Tomajcik’s, Owner of Tomajcik Custom Woodworking LLC, passion for woodworking and what would ultimately become his career was unknowingly planted at a young age. “My first big project was a gun cabinet and I became very passionate about it. I had some conversations with Mr. Artac and he said, ‘if you really like it, stay at it,’ and I guess I did. He was a big part of it,” Tomajcik explained, sharing the inspiration from his high school woodshop teacher. His father still has the gun cabinet in his house to this day, as a reminder of his company’s roots. “After high school, I worked at Lincoln Windows and I got an opportunity to work in the display department. I’d go to shows in Orlando, Las Vegas, all over and brought back what I saw. It had to be the best since it was on display. Later, I learned to weld at Greenheck. I’m glad I have all the different backgrounds for different projects.”

John Tomajcik

Since 2007, John has worked part-time growing his company, working on projects throughout the area and helping friends and family with their custom projects, while also working a full-time job. Earlier this year, he made the leap and expanded to a full-time operation. “I made a transition earlier this year, in February, when I was laid off. By the time I was called back in April, I had a bunch of work lined up and already have stuff coming in for next year.”

His company has grown by word of mouth and people seeing his projects on social media, especially Facebook. John also attends shows when he can. He recently built a media center for a lady near Minocqua. When John asked how she found out about him, she replied, “I saw you two years ago, and talked to you at the St. Germain Flea Market.” Moments like those show him that his efforts are paying off.

In his hometown of Merrill, he helped convert an old Wisconsin DNR building into the Sawmill Brewing Company, which has quickly become one of Merrill’s most popular destinations, with his custom woodworking. He recently created unique pieces for Apprill Family Chiropractic in Merrill and Real Deals on Home Decor in Stevens Point. Most of his projects have been local, but he is willing to travel to meet customer needs, finishing a kitchen in Three Lakes earlier this year. Other projects have taken him from Madison to Minocqua and several points in between. Tomajcik just completed one of his most creative projects to date. For the Merrill School Forest, he recently built 8 tables and 16 benches. The unique aspect is that each table/bench combination is made out of a different wood – ash, cherry, aspen, maple, oak, and three other species – with the wood burned outline of that respective leaf in the table. “That way, when the kids go out in the woods and find a leaf, they can come back and see what the wood from that tree looks like,” Tomajcik explained with pride.

He offers a wide array of services including custom built furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, recreational rooms, and epoxying, but really doesn’t limit himself in what he’s able to provide. “Everything is always different,” Tomajcik said. “In Point, I just finished countertops. I’m working on cabinets for a house right now, and a custom dining room table for someone else. It’s nice to always have a variety.” One thing that sets Tomajcik apart is he’s willing to go the extra mile, literally, to live up to his motto of making “statement pieces that are built to last.” Just recently a customer was looking to build a walnut table, but didn’t want a standard thickness. John drove to Minneapolis to find the exact thickness his customer was looking for and created, the perfect one-of-a-kind piece.

Right now, Tomajcik is bidding on larger jobs, including a new brewery that is being built, hoping to continue to expand his projects and continue to grow his company. To do that, he has plans to build a new shop next year. That will be the next step to where Tomajcik ultimately wants to be. “I want to be that go to guy, with the reputation of quality. If you want something that is going to be great, get it from me. That’s what I want people to think.”

First Published in On The Business News on February 12, 2018.

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