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On Wisconsin Outdoors: May/June 2017 Product 6-Pack

Product 6-Pack
Fishing in full swing, trying to tag a late season turkey, or just taking it easy

Turkey on a Stick
You may have seen the video and if you haven’t – take a look. A big gobbler is slowly trailing some hens, that are clearly not interested, through a field. Calling doesn’t get his attention. Finally, the hunter emerges behind a Jake decoy and the gobbler goes crazy. Defending his territory, the big Tom runs to chase the competition away. But the hunter is waiting and they are in for some close, quick action. I was skeptical at first but this product really works and brings a whole new excitement level to turkey hunting. ($48.45)

Crazy Creek Comfort Chair
This one comes from a friend who spends every waking minute in the outdoors. “What took me years to figure out was how awesome a sitting pad is,” was his advice. Perfect for making all your outdoor activities more comfortable, plus you can use it for taking in a ball game this summer. Easy to carry handles, light at 783 grams, and foam padding to insulate you and make hard surfaces more comfortable. Quick release buckets for multiple back angles. Available in multiple sizes and configurations. ($29.50)


Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof Boots
Perfect combination of UltraDry waterproof lining and synthetic material over leather for waterproof, yet breathable boots. That means you can practically use them year-round for all your outdoor adventures. Even utilizes ScentBan scent control and Realtree Camouflage. Ankle-high at 8-inches weighing 1.3 pounds. ArmaTac Toe Protection saves you the pain of stubbed toes. Rubber soles. Great reviews on price/value, comfort, and fit. ($106.35-$149.99)

Mepps Musky Flashabou
Musky fishermen are always looking for the edge and this just might be it to hook your trophy this year. Increase hook-ups and decrease thrown hooks with a holographic flashabou tail tied around two solid treble hooks on a split-ring assembly. Spinners designed to cast a larger profile to attract fish from long distances. Single and double blade configurations available. Both blade and tail come in 10 different color combination to match any fishing situation. ($25.20)

Live Target Swimbait series
Newly designed, the level of innovation in these lures is impressive. Seven freshwater species from yellow perch to gizzard shad are designed to replicate the movement of that particular species with precise internal weight systems and customized tails. Extremely detailed coloring. Dorsal fins are positioned to acts as a weed guard. The realism is unbelievable. This lure is a solid addition to any tackle box. ($9.99-$18.99)

Siberian Cooler’s Alpha series
Started only recently, this company is dedicated to creating coolers that meet the needs of outdoorsmen. It looks like they accomplished that with this series. Cooler walls are made with up to 2.75 inches of insulation to keep your food and beverages chilled or preserve your hard-earned game. Latches were carefully designed with anodized aluminum to withstand harsh environments, yet open and close with ease. Four sizes – 22, 45, 65, and 85 quarts. Lifetime warranty. ($159.99-$349.99)

First published in On Wisconsin Outdoors on May 1, 2017

On Wisconsin Outdoors: March/April 2017 Product 6-Pack

Product 6-Pack
Warmer Weather Ahead Means Maple Syrup, Turkeys, and Open-Water Fishing
By: Jim Servi

Maple Syrup Bags and Holders Starter Kit
Making maple syrup is becoming a popular spring hobby for outdoor lovers across Wisconsin. Whether your operation is big or you are starting small, it doesn’t matter because the syrup tastes delicious! If you are interested in getting started, this kit has what you need. Includes 12 blue sap bags, 12 galvanized sap bag holders, 12 aluminum 7/16” spouts, and one titanium 7/16” tapping bit that can be used with any cordless drill. Enjoy! ($80.95)

Lake X Lures Cannonball Jr
Every musky fisherman I talk to says these lures are extremely difficult to find, but they are worth the search. Since Lake X Lures is working on a new website, I went to blueribbonbait.com and found this message, “due to an extremely limited supply, there is a 2-lure max per customer on all Lake X Lures.” This topwater lure makes a unique, deep popping sound that catches the attention of big fish. Available in 14 varieties. Take advantage when you find them. ($41.99)

Inshore Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket
Great for outdoor adventures, fishing, boating, and safely exploring that late season ice. This life jacket is designed to automatically inflate when immersed in water, but can be manually inflated as well. Designed for mobility and comfort with wide neckline and lightweight design. Chest size of 30-52 inches. Buoyancy of 25.5 pounds is higher than most life jackets. Reviews say it is lightweight, comfortable, easily adjustable, durable, and has good ventilation. ($109.99)

Fire-Ball Jig
This short-shank gumball jig has been boasted as the “#1 all-time money winning jig on the PWT & FLW Pro Walleye Tours.” With that alone, it might be worth adding to your tackle box as you chase spring walleyes. If you look closely it also has a place to attach a stringer hook to catch those short strike fish. Comes in weights from 1/16 to 1/2-ounce jig head and 12 different color varieties. ($3.29)

TZ TP14 Turkey Pack With Chair
Getting ready for your big turkey hunt, but can’t find room for all your gear? Sick of carrying a chair only to have it bang against trees and brush? Or worse yet, sick of sitting on the ground? This turkey pack will solve all your problems with an abundance of well-placed pockets perfect for all your gear. Two of the pockets are designed to warm your hands as you patiently wait. Best of all, is that this pack has spring loaded legs that transform into a padded, hunting chair. With this pack, you’ll be turkey hunting in style. ($319.99)

T-BONE’S Turkey Magnet call
Gobbling on the edge of your range, it’s the biggest gobbler you’ve ever seen, but you can’t move. He’s watching your every movement and your call is an arm’s length away. You’re stuck. That’s where this call comes in handy. It’s made with magnets so the push button style call sits safely against the non-action side of your shotgun. With a simple reach of your thumb, it creates realistic yelps, clucks, and purrs to bring that gobbler in the last few steps. ($39.99)

Published in On Wisconsin Outdoors March 1, 2017.

The Business News: Swiderski Equipment

The Business News is another newspaper that I have the pleasure of writing for most months. After a brief hiatus to finish my military coursework, through the Command and General Staff College, I’m back to writing. To read the most recent article published, please click on the link below.

Jan 2, 2017 – Swiderski has filled a need since 1925

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Or if you prefer, I’ve pasted the original text here along with pictures:

Swiderski Equipment Inc. was founded in 1925, on the Swiderski family homestead in Mosinee, to support the local farming community and that is exactly what they continue to do today. Owned by Alex and Dianne Swiderski, the company is preserved in the Swiderski family more than 90 years later. By evolving with the agriculture industry, they have captured, “more than 50% of the market share in the areas that we are responsible for,” explained Sly Krautkramer, Chief Operating Officer. But that wasn’t always the case. As recent as 2010, they struggled to define what the next level would look like for their business. Finally, all the pieces fell into place and they have been growing ever since. “We’ve had a pretty good surge here, which started in 2010, and took the business to a new level,” said Krautkramer discussing their secrets for growth. “We got into high horsepower stuff, precision farming technology, and took our offerings to a higher level with bigger farms demanding bigger equipment.”

Owners Alex and Dianne Swiderski

Owners Alex and Dianne Swiderski

That is where Swiderski Equipment’s evolution paid dividends. When they were founded in 1925, there were 193,155 farms in Wisconsin and only 116 farms were over 1,000 acres according to the 1925 Census of Agriculture. Naturally, their business supported these family farms, first by training and selling work horses and later by selling New Holland and Minneapolis Moline tractors and implements by the late 1930s. That evolution continued throughout the subsequent decades. Fast forward to recent years and there are now less than 70,000 farms in Wisconsin and almost 2,500 of those farms encompass 1,000 acres or more. Now, all five of their locations – Mosinee, Wausau, Thorp, Antigo, and Waupaca – offer product lines to support the larger farm operations in an 18-county area that spans from the Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire area to Outagamie County and throughout central and northern Wisconsin.

Sly Krautkramer

Sly Krautkramer

Even though they now can easily serve those large farms, “we have equipment to support hobby farmers with only two acres up to those with more than 2,000 acres,” noted Krautkramer. Agriculture may be the core of their business, but Swiderski Equipment is involved in many other areas as well. “Construction equipment, governmental contracts, weekend adventurers, landscaping, and snow removal are just a few of our markets,” described Krautkramer with the help of Melissa Heise, Director of Marketing and Human Resources. “There’s also another side of agriculture we support, in addition to traditional dairy and crop farming, including cranberries, potatoes, grain, and beef operations. We’re using technology to help those growers and producers be profitable in their own businesses.”

Melissa Heise

Melissa Heise

Evolution of their product line is clearly one key factor to their dominating growth in the region, but certainly not the only key to success. “We have high level, quality people with little turnover,” said Krautkramer with pride. “Not only that, but we hire talented people and empower them. Each person has a different personality and a different flavoring which we capitalize on to get strong results.” According to Krautkramer, that wasn’t always the case either. “We went from having a hard time finding employees to having people knocking on our door because everyone wants to work for a winning team.”

With success due to their never ending evolution and a strong team in place, Swiderski Equipment is looking to continue their success. “We always have to grow and have growth plans in place, but the real key is to capitalize on new opportunities,” explained Krautkramer. One key aspect of that continued growth is what Heise calls their “sixth location.” Right now, they are investing in advancing their online presence or that “sixth location” and will be launching a brand-new website sometime early in 2017. With that, they hope to reach out to both current and prospective customers to discuss technology and innovations so they can stay on the cutting edge and provide their customers with exactly what they require to be successful.

Even with all that, Krautkramer says there is one last key to their continued growth and success. “We support our communities through different programs and community events, whether it is 4-H, the FFA, or June Dairy Breakfasts, we’re engaged and active members of our community to show them we truly care.”



Product 6-Pack: Products to enjoy our winter wonderland

Last year, I was lucky enough to get my first official column – the Product 6-Pack for On Wisconsin Outdoors magazine. Each issue, I get a chance to research, discuss, and sometimes (and best of all) try out different seasonal products. Some are new products, others are tried and true products. The bad thing is that I want them all!

Now, I need your help. This week I’m preparing the March/April edition and could use any ideas that you have for great products. Tried a new product that you really liked? Or have one waiting that you’re excited to use? Then, let me know and I’ll promote it in the upcoming Product 6-Pack column. My focus will likely be turkey hunting, spring fishing, and getting ready for camping and exploring. If your product doesn’t work out for that timeframe, please send it anyways and I’ll save it for a future issue.

To read the Product 6-Pack column from the most recent January/February issue, please click here:

Jan/Feb 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Products to enjoy our winter wonderland

For the previous November/December issue, please click here:

Nov/Dec 2016 – Product 6-Pack: All Wisconsin products for your outdoor adventures

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