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Forever Changed 2017 Photo Contest – June Voting!

Vote for your favorite picture today! Savor each picture as you stroll through and vote for your favorite in the poll located at the bottom when you’re done.

The winner will advance to the final contest to be held in December 2017 and announced on January 1, 2018.

In addition, each picture will be individually featured on a separate day. The 10 pictures with the most “likes” on this blog, not Facebook (sorry:), whether they are a monthly winner or not, will also advance to the final contest.

Photographers are encouraged to promote and share their beautiful photos!

Results will be posted on July 1st.

Sponsored by Forever Changed. Don’t forget to pre-order Forever Changed if you haven’t yet. Just email jimservi10@gmail.com and you’ll be added to the list.

I Heart Sedona by Carly Harder

Morning Coffee by Jeff Steber

Soothing Stream by Dan Kufahl

Splish Splash by Jared Warren

Spring Sunset by Justin Baker

Springtime on the Farm by Karen Paul

Sunset by the Lake by Ashley Lemke

Zion National Park by Scott Vachavake