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Wolves in Wisconsin – My Journalism Roots

Although it wasn’t my first article, my first true taste journalism was with Wisconsin Outdoors News. Covering all aspects of wolves in Wisconsin, it was a dream come true. Like many, I always had a fascination with the mighty beast, but quickly discovered another side – the ongoing politics behind wolf management.

Click on the link below to read my first article for Wisconsin Outdoor News:

Dec 1, 2013 – Five wolf units close as harvest moves along briskly

There are many more article here, and even more that I have to add yet.

First listed on the federal endangered species act in 1974, wolf recovery has been an amazing success story.  Unfortunately, many fail to recognize that success and have fought to maintain their protective status, taking valuable resources away from other endangered species. Our own US Fish and Wildlife Service advocate for removal from the endangered species list. They too have been denied. To look at the history of federal actions on wolves, please click here:


With roadblock after roadblock, it may require Congressional action to remove wolves from the endangered species act and return them to state management. It’s a shame it has come to that.