Meet the Author

Two passions really combined to spark my interest in writing – my love of the great outdoors and my desire for adventure. In 2008, I published my first article and have been writing ever since. As a regular contributor to several magazines, I enjoy writing about a variety of topics – outdoors, sports, business, travelling, military – you name it. But what I love most is telling the story. Telling your stories.

That’s exactly what led me to begin writing my first novel, Forever Changed. After coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, I was lost like many Veterans. Instead of a search to forget, I turned to writing. And it helped. It helped me understand the history of the conflicts, put myself in other’s shoes, understand PTSD, and help create a different ending to the stories that I’ll never forget. With a lot of effort and a little bit of luck, Forever Changed will be published in 2017.


Email Jim at to get on the list to Pre-Order Forever Changed now.

I look forward to sharing this story and others with you, but most importantly, I look forward to hearing your story.

Like most other aspiring authors, I have a career outside of writing. To take a look check out my LinkedIn profile:  Jim’s Profile Most important to me is the time I get to share with friends and family, especially my wife of 11 years and our three boys, living in the middle of nowhere in central Wisconsin.


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