On Wisconsin Outdoors

Wisconsin Outdoors (OWO) was founded in 2007 to bring timely information about what’s “hot”, where, and how to improve your chances for success in the field. Six issues of OWO are published annually and each issue highlights two full months of the very best that Wisconsin has to offer in the great outdoors.

Website: http://www.onwisconsinoutdoors.com

Please click below to read On Wisconsin Outdoors articles written by Jim Servi:

Sep/Oct 2018 – Product 6-Pack: New ideas to think about this archery season
Sep/Oct 2018 – Floating the Wisconsin River
Jul/Aug 2018 – Product 6-Pack: Try something new this summer
May/Jun 2018 – Product 6-Pack: Ideas for your 2018 outdoor adventures
May/Jun 2018 – Donahue Super Sports
Mar/Apr 2018 – Product 6-Pack: A variety of great products to gear up for spring
Mar/Apr 2018 – Ice Age Trail
Jan/Feb 2018 – Product 6-Pack: Too much to enjoy to get stuck indoors this winter
Jan/Feb 2018 – Thoughts from a Bee Keeper
Nov/Dec 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Taking full advantage of every moment this fall and winter
Nov/Dec 2017 – Scraping Habit or Coincidence
Sep/Oct 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Enhancing your hunting experience this fall
Sep/Oct 2017 – Northern American Highland Legion State Forest
Jul/Aug 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Plunge into summer with these great products
Jul/Aug 2017 – Kinns Sport Fishing Back in Action
Jul/Aug 2017 – Outdoor Enthusiast get Spoiled in LaCrosse
May/Jun 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Fishing in full swing, trying to tag a late season turkey, or just taking it easy
May/Jun 2017 – Birding Keeps Gaining Popularity
Mar/Apr 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Warmer weather means maple syrup, turkeys, and open-water fishing
Mar/Apr 2017 – Maple Syrup is a Delicious Spring Time Hobby
Jan/Feb 2017 – Product 6-Pack: Products to enjoy our winter wonderland
Jan/Feb 2017 – Silent Sports Make Winter Fun
Nov/Dec 2016 – Product 6-Pack: All Wisconsin products for your outdoor adventures
Nov/Dec 2016 – Wisconsin Dispersed Camping
Sep/Oct 2016 – Product 6-Pack: Ducks, bucks, and a look ahead to ice fishing
Sep/Oct 2016 – The National Park in Our Backyard
Jul/Aug 2016 – Product 6-Pack: Great gear to enjoy your time in the field a little bit more
Jul/Aug 2016 – Exploring Wisconsin Waters by Kayak
May/Jun 2016 – World class biking right here in Wisconsin
Mar/Apr 2016 – Learning to Trap Again: Spring beaver and otter
Jan/Feb 2016 – Learning to Trap Again: Snaring Predators and Wily Weasals
Nov/Dec 2015 – Learning to Trap Again: Find Water and You’ll Find Furbearers
Sep/Oct 2015 – Learning to Trap Again: Now is the time to prep for fall
May/June 2015 – Close Encounters
Mar/Apr 2015 – A Different Look At Fishing With The USA Ice Fishing Team
Nov/Dec 2014 – Pond Jumping is Family Tradition
Nov/Dec 2014 – Wolf Workshops Offered Across Wisconsin
Sep/Oct 2014 – Inside the Wolf Hunt
July/Aug 2014 – Wisconsin Inaugural Crossbow Season Coming This Fall

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