Forever Changed – The Novel

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Forever Changed is a book that everyone can enjoy. According to one of my book reviewers (okay, it was my brother but you have to start somewhere), “You have a coming of age story mixed with a love story mixed with a tragedy. Perfect.” This book really has something for everyone while capturing sentiments felt around the world after September 11th, 2001.

Forever Changed will surely become the iconic historical fiction drama defining the world during the early years of the 21st century. Starting out in the everyday country setting of rural Wisconsin, the world is quickly transformed when two soaring towers crumble to the ground and America is transformed from peace to chaos. The events that transpired are known by many around the world, but only Forever Changed is able to capture the details of each crucial event and portrays the feelings of citizens thrown into the extraordinary positions in Afghanistan, Iraq and on the home front.

Paul Foster is a small town boy looking for adventure and love, but only one woman could ever capture his heart even as he is thrust into war. JD, his best friend, is looking for the same things but is consumed by the war before he even sets foot there and is equally transformed when he returns home.

Marie Lafayette is an innocent girl ready to expand her comfort zone, but she never thought she’d ever love a soldier, or have to watch him leave. Lynn Stone, on the other hand, has always loved men in uniform while she travelled the world as a military brat and become quite the handful for anyone that crossed her path.

Nasir is a young Afghan man that watched the Taliban take over his homeland and tear his family apart. As their simple, happy lives are transformed their paths intertwine in unforeseen ways creating circumstances that none of them would have imagined. Forever Changed captures the essence of a global world during the pivotal moments surrounding September 11th, 2001 and gives us a comprehensive look at the war in Afghanistan with a perspective that can only be gained from exploring the Afghan countryside firsthand and portraying the feelings that can only be shared by someone who has experienced the wide range of emotions experienced during combat.

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