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End of the Day by Jared Warren

End of the Day by Jared Warren

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Submit Your Picture Now for the Forever Changed 2018 Photo Contest

The Forever Changed Photo Contest will be back in 2018!  Which means, we’re now accepting photos for January for the Forever Changed 2018 Photo Contest. Photos will be collected throughout the remainder of December and I’ll begin posting them in early January.

The winner will receives a 2019 Calendar of the 2018 Monthly Photo Winners, a $50 gift card of their choice* and an autographed copy of Forever Changed. If there are any other sponsors that are interested in contributing to the prize, please let me know.

Don’t forget to pre-order Forever Changed today!

To participate in the 2018 photo contest, send your pictures to jimservi10@gmail.com with the title of your picture and your name. Photos without titles will not be accepted.

This photo contest is focused on the great outdoors, recreation, travel, adventure, and the beauty of day-to-day life.  Please avoid selfies, family photos, and such.

Monthly winners will advance to the final contest to be held in December 2018 for a chance to win the grand prize and have their photograph featured on this website.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But, in truth it is really more than that. Good pictures makes you stop and smile, while great pictures make you stop and realize how truly great life really is. And that feeling is priceless.

Stay tuned to get your regular dose of that peaceful feeling.


  1. Photos must be your originals. Cropping is okay but no photo-shopping.
  2. You must be the original photographer and cannot submit someone else’s photo.
  3. Only one photograph per person can be submitted each month. If you’ve won a monthly contest, you can no longer submit pictures.

*Choice will be from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church’s scrip program which includes a wide variety of selections.

Disclaimer: By submitting your picture for this photo contest, you are authorizing this website to post your picture here and use it for promotional purposes, including the 2019 calendar.

Forever Changed 2017 Photo Contest – Best of 2017 Voting

Vote for your favorite picture today! Savor each picture as you stroll through and vote for your favorite in the poll located at the bottom when you’re done.

These are the monthly winners from throughout the year and the overall 2017 winner will be announced on January 1, 2018. That winner will receive a $50 gift card of their choice and one of the first copies of Forever Changed.

Photographers are encouraged to promote and share their beautiful photos!

Sponsored by Forever Changed. Don’t forget to pre-order Forever Changed if you haven’t yet. Just email jimservi10@gmail.com and you’ll be added to the list.

End of the Day by Jared Warren

Mirror Image by Kathy Hass

Train From No Where by Jacki Gessler

Country Air by Karen Paul

Morning Coffee by Jeff Steber

By the Pond by Jodi Bloch

Sailor’s Delight by Addison J. Fink III

Montana Sunset by Anthony Erno

Mount Hood Meadows by Stephen Buhrmann

Somewhere Over the North Atlantic by Scott Vachavake

Exciting Stuff is Happening! Take 2

Do you ever have one of those things that you absolutely love to do, but it always takes a backseat to everything else in life? This blog is kind of like that for me. I love it and I love writing, but it always seems to be last on the priority list each day. One of my early resolutions going into 2018 is to be active and continue to add quality content for all of you.

The good news is that the blog had 1,554 visitors and 3,970 views so far this year, mostly from the 752 active followers. To all the supporters, thank you so very much.

The photo contest had some absolutely breath taking photos and we now have all the 2017 monthly winners set, so we’ll be able to see who the winner is for 2017 on New Years Day. I’ll have all those pictures compiled with the poll early next week.

More good news. One of my big goals for 2017 was to finish Forever Changed. And I did! Kind of… The first draft has been done for awhile now and I’m currently editing every chance I have to get the final product ready. We just hit 100 pre-orders for Forever Changed and the timing couldn’t be better. Queries are already being sent out to publishers and book agents as a first option for publishing. If that doesn’t work, I will be self-publishing in 2018. Exciting stuff! And it’s never to late to pre-order if you haven’t already.

The good news continues. My 90th article was just published and unless something goes drastically wrong, I will hit #100 in 2018. I guess that means I’m officially a writer. Still hard to believe since English was always my worst subject growing up. I sure hope my editors don’t read this:) New articles will be posted on Mondays, along with some of the dated articles, so even if you don’t subscribe to those papers, you can still stay tuned in.

Thanks again for all your support. This would all be pointless without all of you. Stories are meant to be read and shared and I can’t wait to hear yours.





On Wisconsin Outdoors: Snow Scraping Buck

Just a Coincidence or a New Tactic?
Snow Scraping Buck on Opening Day

By: Jim Servi

Every fall, big bucks visit scrapes throughout my hunting area, but almost always at night. Daytime visits most likely consist of a quick scent check and then on to the next, without triggering the trail camera. There is one exception. Immediately after a snowfall, bucks tend to visit scrapes during the day. Thinking it was just a coincidence, I didn’t make the connection until the 2016 Gun Deer Season.

Walking into my stand on Opening Day, a light snow covered the ground. Fresh wolf tracks, made just hours before, sent a shiver through my body. After climbing into the sanctuary of my tree stand, darkness was just beginning to give way to the morning light. Gusts of wind were already forecasting the high winds to come. This stand is a special place for me and I generally only hunt it this one time of year. Like many young hunters, I went through my share of struggles in my early years, missing bucks that still haunt my memories. This stand was different though. Hunting it since 2009, I didn’t see a lot of deer, but the ones I did were often bucks, and my aim was always true.

Light now filled the entire woods and I found familiarity in the landscape. A gradual, downward slope leading to a thick swamp was my facing view, mostly hardwoods, but sprinkled with hemlocks. On the sugar maple ridge behind me, I saw a flash. Two does had come out of the swamp and disappeared. Suddenly, three more does appeared in front of me, uneasy from the wind. They lingered. I had already seen more does this morning, than the previous two years hunting this location. Trying to stir something up, I hit my grunt call. Suddenly, there was another deer at the base of my tree. A little nub buck was trying to figure out where that noise came from. All morning they came and went, but no bucks. Finally, in the early afternoon, they departed and so did I. My wife’s delicious Opening Day chili was waiting.

Warm and full, I made my way back out to the stand, taking a different approach, making sure to stay clear of the bedding area to the south. That unknowingly turned out to be a good decision. Settled back in, the wind was still swirling, but the deer activity had slowed. It was now mid-afternoon. Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me. I slowly turned. Cleaning the snow out of a scrape, all I could see of the buck was his long tines protruding into the hemlock branches above. I got ready, hoping he would continue towards me. Satisfied that his scrape was refreshed, he stepped out from behind the tree, a perfect shot.

Rushing to the spot, I could see it was a good hit. A short tracking job and there he was. The largest buck I had ever seen hunting was now the largest buck I had ever harvested.

Always curious, I backtracked his tracks in the snow. The scrape near me was the last of a half dozen scrapes he cleared out that afternoon, leading back to his bed in the area I avoid, just south of my stand. Little things matter when you are hunting and the route to my stand made all the difference that day. What about the snow? Was it just a coincidence that it had snowed the night before, covering the scrape? Or had he come to clear them out because of the snow? Days later, there was another hot scrape cleared out during the middle of the day after another snowfall. Trail cam pictures from past years confirmed the same. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe there was something to it. Either way, I know where I’ll be sitting after the first fresh snow this year.

To read the latest copy of On Wisconsin Outdoors, please visit  the On Wisconsin Outdoors website.

First Published in On Wisconsin Outdoors on November 1, 2017.